See our great range of beauty and skin therapy services:

Skin Therapy - bespoke facial treatments
Spa Treaments - massage and body glow treatments
Body Treatments - body wrap, manicure and pedicure
Extra Treatment Teasers - scalp treatment, mini back massage, revital eyes
Beauty Essentials - eye treatments, waxing, spray tanning and makeup
Clinic Etiquette - new clients, treatment timings and cancellations

Skin Therapy

The Concept of Corneotherapy

Epidermis [ep-i-der-mis] noun – the outer layer of cells covering an organism, in particular the surface epithelium of the skin of an animal, overlying the dermis.

‘Corneotherapy is the science of the epidermal skin barrier defence systems.  It is the foundation of remedial methodologies that repair skin and preserve the integrity of the epidermis at all times’. ~Florence Barrett Hill

Bespoke Facial Treatments


We chose dermaviduals skin care.  Why?  They use the best ingredients… the VERY best in science, innovative and proven research to produce a bespoke skin care line to treat your individual skin care needs.  Just like fingerprints each skin is completely unique and should be treated accordingly.  We tailor make all of our treatment plans – from your in-clinic facials to your custom mixed home care.  We work together to achieve results.

Love the skin you’re in!

The ultimate in pampering and skin health.

Spa Treatments

Pure Fiji

We choose Pure Fiji body care. Why? Their products represent life in the Pacific. Not only do they use a bounty of fresh and natural ingredients (including their beautiful certified organic nut oils), they are committed to environmental, cultural and social sustainability. They also aid local business and education.  It is a unique product bringing the timeless secret of well-being and health.

Where there’s a hand, there’s a heart and soul!

Massage Treatments

Using the traditional Swedish massage techniques – enjoy a truly relaxing experience using our beautiful warm Pure Fiji exotic oil.

Relieve tired muscles and relax buy minds.

Body Glow Treatments

Remove stubborn skin cells and feed the ones beneath with a sugar scrub and nourishing body butter application. Improve skin texture and appearance.

Fantastic treatment a few days prior to a spray tan or preparing for a special event

Body Treatments

Body Wrap                                                       $160
Allow 90 minutes

Starting with a dry body brush to help gently exfoliate and stimulate circulation.  Then a sugar scrub is applied to remove stubborn skin cells, followed by a cream mask application.  You are then wrapped up and kept warm letting the mask work its magic.  A mini facial is performed with a warm oil scalp treatment.  Once you are unwrapped, the mask is removed with hot towels and a body lotion is massed into the skin.

The ultimate hydration for thirsty skin.

Manicure and Pedicure

Extra Treatment Teasers

Beauty Essentials

Eye Treatments


Spray tanning


Clinic Etiquette

New Clients

Please allow an additional 10 minutes prior to your initial visit to complete your consultation card.  Please disclose any medical conditions or current medications prior to your treatment.

Treatment Consultations

We are available for consultations on all our treatments… so if there’s something you are a bit unsure about, just ask us!

Treatment Timings

Treatment times listed are for the total treatment and are indicative only.  They include allocated time to undress and redress and any discussions needed about the treatment.


Out of consideration for others we kindly ask you to provide 24 hours’ notice if you wish to change or cancel your appointment.  For some services, a 50% cancellation fee may apply.

What if I am late?

We want you to enjoy the full experience of your treatment.  Arriving late will only lessen time spent with us at Orchard Cottage, so please ensure that you arrive on time.

Mobile Phones

Out of respect for other clients we ask you to turn off your phone prior to your appointment with us.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are perfect for friends and family members.  If you know of someone who needs an hour two of pampering in a relaxing and calming environment, an Orchard Cottage vouchers is just the thing.

Payment options

We accept Farmlands Cooperative, Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos cards.

Prices effective from 1 March 2016 and are GST inclusive.  They are also subject to change without notice.